How CBD Oil Can Promote Better Sleep

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The concept of CBD oil being used as medicine continues to gain legitimacy. More and more studies are being released that openly discuss the benefits of CBD oil. In this post, we wanted to help shed some light on how CBD oil can help promote better sleep.

Physical Pain

If you naturally sleep like a baby at night, good for you! Consider yourself blessed beyond belief. There are those of us out there that toss and turn at night for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes it simply comes down to a persons level of physical comfort. If you suffer from chronic pain in any area of the body, quality sleep can be a valuable commodity. Research has shown that CBD oil can reduce chronic pain. This in turn provides a more positive opportunity to get healthy sleep.

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Sleep Disorders

Perhaps you’re someone who suffers from a REM behavior disorder and act out physically while you sleep. These actions are involuntary and can disrupt sleeping patterns. Possibly even harm the person sleeping and a sleeping partner. CBD oil may be able to help improve these disorders (and many more) including PTSD.

Mental Strife

Not all pain is physical. Sometimes the pain is mental. If you suffer from anxiety and depression, you know it can be nearly impossible to turn your head to the ‘off’ position at night. Sometimes a person suffering from anxiety and/or depression can be awake all night. If you cannot turn your head ‘off’ then there’s a very slim chance you’ll get the sleep you need to feel good. Sometimes feeling good has to be good enough. CBD oil may be able to help anxiety and depression through its interactions with the brain.

If you want to read more, here’s a helpful article that goes into more depth on CBD oil and how it can help you get better sleep.

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