Welcome to CBD Botanicals

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Welcome to CBD Botanicals.

In the beginning of time, Mother Nature created a plant with powerful elements. This was Cannabis. From Cannabis came Marijuana and Hemp. Although both have great healing benefits, CBD is derived from Hemp and has been used as medicine long before synthetics were manufactured and marketed to consumers.

CBD Botanicals was formed to provide CBD and its powerful healing effects to the World. Our mission is to educate and provide you and your family with the purest CBD available, allowing you to receive its most optimal benefits.


By ensuring there are no chemicals or pesticides, and incorporating the safest extraction method – pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2). We have third party lab tests to certify your safety and our integrity.

We here at CBD Botanicals have a saying, “Now you have a Choice”. Rather than popping pills for the quick fix and risking long term exposure to over the counter medicine, you can give your body something that provides similar benefits without harmful repurcussions. “Now you have a Choice” stems from the experience of one of our founders, who lost his mother to cancer. Throughout her battle, no one offered CBD as an alternate pain reliever. Instead, she was prescribed Dilaudid, a pain ¬†medication that yielded harsh side-effects, in addition to chemo and radiation treatments.

There are many companies in the CBD market that will come and go. However, we here at CBD Botanicals are doing things differently. We promote a heavy focus on research and development, and will always keep you updated on the advancement of CBD to fit your needs and lifestyle. When you need us most, we will be there for you with a clean, efficient, and safe product for your wellbeing.

We look forward to this journey, and are glad to have you join us. Thank you.

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