Opioid Epidemic vs CBD Pain Management

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Opioid Zombies

There is no doubt that we are under attack by zombies. Yes, you read that correctly. I said zombies. However, these are not the zombies you’ve seen on TV and in movie theaters. These zombies are the poor souls that have fallen prey to the opioid epidemic that is currently sweeping the nation and arguably, the world. When you look into the eyes of someone under the influence of opioids, you get the feeling that no one is ‘home.’ They are someone else. They are some “thing” else. They are opioid zombies and it is terrifying. Especially, when that person is someone you love.

Cannabis Solution?

The U.S. Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, told addiction specialists in Columbus that the opioid epidemic is his number one priority. He remains positive that will make our way out if it and that we are on the right track. He also feels there is a great opportunity on the horizon. Strong words as he also acknowledges that 2 million Americans are diagnosed with opioid use disorder, and one life lost is to an opioid overdose every 12.5 minutes. (Read full article here)

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We feel like something is brewing. What an amazing opportunity there could be for Cannabis to show up to the opioid epidemic as the knight in shining armor. Studies have shown that CBD oil and hemp extracts can help relieve pain. CBD oil is non-psychoactive and non-addictive.

What if CBD oil could replace prescribed opioids for pain relief as a safer alternative?

All the Cannabis industry would need is an opportunity. Perhaps, an opioid epidemic. Oh wait, that’s already happening. If Cannabis could prove itself as the hero, it would no longer be considered the gateway drug. In fact, it would need to be considered the solution. What are your thoughts on this?

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