CBD For Seniors

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One of the most positive outcomes for the legalization of Cannabis is giving Senior Citizens access to CBD. CBD for seniors may give them a chance to live a better life.

The Benefits of CBD for Seniors

CBD is helping when dealing with arthritis, pain, insomnia, lack of appetite. All problems familiar to seniors. For some, dealing with rheumatoid arthritis makes it hard to sleep. Seniors can take CBD by way of a tincture, capsule of edible. It may help people sleep pain free and better at night. For those that don’t like to ingest CBD, there are oils and creams that you can apply to those problematic areas.

Igor Grant, UCSD Professor of the Department of Psychiatry researches the potential benefits of pot. He states that Cannabis is helping to manage pains caused by nerve damage caused by challenges such as chemotherapy or diabetes. This brings great hope to seniors. Over the counter pain management drugs for these type ailments can bring harsh side effects. This could reduce the quality of life.

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What’s great about CBD, it’s known to deal with several ailments all at once, without having to take multiple prescription meds and dealing with there side effects. But keep in mind that if you’re currently taking medication for certain things that CBD is not known to help with, it’s recommended to consult with your Physician / Doctor prior to administering. Too much CBD in your system may not give enough room for other medications processing time, causing potential toxicity in the body.

As We Move Forward

One of the hesitations of Cannabis or Marijuana with seniors is the historical stigma that comes with it, but as testimonials, surveys and polls come out praising its positive effects, we hope it will be the norm regimen.

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