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It’s an exciting time for the health and wellness industry. Hemp CBD has made a powerful impact on the lives of everyday consumers. However, a common question is quickly rising among those who are dropping the pain killers and switching to CBD, “What’s my CBD Serving?” The answer depends.

No Two Bodies Are Exactly Alike

First off, it’s important to note that CBD works differently for everyone. Depending on your lifestyle, diet, and pre-existing conditions that have been effecting your body, servings are going to vary. It’s important to consult your primary care doctor before self-administering CBD, Especially, if you are on prescription medication. While there are numerous benefits to taking CBD, it is not a “cure all” solution. CBD should not be taken as a replacement treatment for many serious conditions. However, when used in conjunction with an established healthcare plan, CBD can show promising results for insomnia, reduced pain, decreased anxiety and depression, and helping calm epileptic seizures.

The answer to “what’s my CBD Serving” lies within the trial and error process. Like many things in life, you’re working with a learning curve. As you figure out where you are on the CBD serving spectrum, then you can begin modify it to fit your daily regimen.

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A Little Math Goes a Long Way

CBD tincture and capsule products can range from 300mg to as high as 2,500mg. Start with a low milligram product and use the recommended drops or serving size. After taking your serving, assess how you feel. Did your pain go away? Were you able to sleep better throughout the night? If you didn’t feel relief towards your symptoms, gradually increase your dose. It’s recommended you keep track of your dosage progress with a journal or notebook. This will help keep you consistent with your dosage increases, and help you assess how higher doses affect your body.

Quality Check

Before starting a CBD regimen, do a little research on the product. There’s a lot of companies offering the CBD alternative, so it’s important to weed out the ones that may not be up to par with product quality. Knowing how your CBD is processed gives you power as a consumer, as there are some companies that complete extraction by way of chemicals such as butane and other chemical solvents. This method can leave traces of chemicals and increase risks of potential side effects. CBD Botanicals uses the safest extraction method possible, formulating our products with pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) to eliminate any potential dangers.

While it requires a little work, taking the time to answer the question of “what’s my CBD Serving” will save you time and money in the long run, allowing you more opportunities to live your healthiest and happiest life.

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