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There are many ways to take CBD. The best way to take CBD depends on your goals and how your body will process. Tinctures and “syringe tubes” are great for beginners because you’re able to accurately measure and control your servings. Edibles especially gummies are a convenient and taste good. Lotions and balms can be effective for direct effects on the body and muscles. Capsules are also convenient by way of controlling servings. Vaping is becoming more popular because the CBD enters your bloodstream the fastest with this method. Smoking the flour is probably the least popular due to obvious reasons.

The Best Method For Benefit or Bioavailability 

Tincture servings under the tongue (sublingual) accesses your body quickly and because it doesn’t go through your digestive system, you would consume a higher percentage of CBD. Some reports come in just as high as 30%.

Vaping also works quick and directly into the bloodstream. Less of the CBD is broken down and reports as high as 50%. The Vaping can help when wanting to get to sleep, because the time it takes affecting your body is the shortest.

Edibles and Capsules go through your digestive system and although offering great benefits, you can end up with anywhere between 15% to 20% of CBD left.

Concentrated RAW Extracts (Syringe Tubes)

The highest concentrated or RAW extract comes from the Syringe tube. Extracted from the plant and packaged; no heating or filtering is applied. It’s a full-spectrum so you’re getting the whole plant which is a multitude of cannabinoids and terpenes. Because of its strength, it’s known to be used by those with chronic pain that could stem from, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and cancer.

We always suggest that you should consult your physician / doctor prior to starting any CBD when on any other prescribed medication.

For information of serving size or amounts you should take, please refer to our blog on “What’s My CBD Serving”

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