Is CBD Right For Me

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As you hear the growth and demand for CBD products continue, you’ll most likely ask yourself  “Is CBD right for me? & How much CBD should I take? And the answer to these questions are”You tell me?” At this point there isn’t enough research done in order to understand the full effects and or benefits of CBD and its 113 other Cannabinoid compounds in the Hemp plant.

Is CBD Right For Me?

You know yourself better than anyone else. Do I have anxiety? live with pain? inflammation? insomnia? or any physical and or mental discomfort? if you answered yes to any of these – you’re not alone and CBD could be right for you. Whether you’re healthy and maybe deal with one challenge on the list or multiples challenges, it’s worth looking into the benefits of CBD then over the counter prescription drugs.

How should I start CBD?

Before we get into ‘How” it’s important to note that IF you’re currently taking prescription medication, please consult your doctor / physician before starting your CBD regimen. Perhaps CBD could be a better alternative then what you may be prescribed, either way consult, consult, consult. Majority of people selling CBD are not licensed healthcare practitioners, so don’t get sold on the hype of replacing something that’s been prescribed and has been helping you – it’s up to you and your doctor / physician to discuss and decide.

Starting a regimen takes time and patients. There are multiple ways to administer CBD, tinctures, capsules, gummy, concentrates and vape. For first time users, we suggest taking with drops via tinctures sublingually (under the tongue), because you can control your servings and it absorbs faster into your bloodstream – bypassing the digestive system and liver.

How much should I start with?

Starting with a small milligram serving such as 300mg, this will acclimate your body to CBD. Now you’ve started with a good “regimen foundation” and in a position to up your milligrams if or when needed.

We havne’t scratch the surface yet with the multitude of benefits CBD can provide, or if it offers the same benefits with everyone. However, the testimonials are coming in droves and so far have been positive.


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