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At this point you’ve heard about CBD and it’s benefits. What’s great about it is how many CBD products or delivery system does it come in.  You have plenty of choices, from tinctures (droppers taken under the tongue) all the way to salve.

How does CBD infuse into different products

First we look to extract from the plant. The best and safest way is by way of CO2 Extraction. CO2 is considered a cleaner, purer form of extraction because there is no chemical residue after extraction. Once you have the oil, you then can infuse it into anything. CBD oil can be infused with other oils such as vegetable glycerin for tinctures and coconut oil or beeswax used for lotions & salve and butter for edibles. When it comes to vaping, CBD oil is specially concentrated into a liquid form, which when heated at a certain temperature you can inhale it through a vape pen. All these methods work with the CB1 & CB2 receptors in your body.

CBD Products

For beginners the easiest way to start is with CBD Botanicals’ tinctures, because it’s easy to measure and scale up when needed. The tincture method is known to help with pain, anxiety, stress insomnia just to name a few. For convenience and a faster method try CBD Botanicals’ vape. The vape is also known to help with the same type of ailments as when using tinctures. The salve works immediately when applied to hands, joints and muscles. Of course there are tasty edibles and softgels which take longer because it goes through your digestive system, but it’s convenient and you can control your serving size.

Whether you’re looking at CBD Botanicals or any other manufacturers products, you should know how your CBD oil is sourced by way of farms that use no pesticides, extraction process and third party lab testing for each one of the products. This will assure you the best experience when adding CBD products to your regimen.

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