CBD Research and Cures

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CBD is definitely getting the reputation of becoming a world wide cure-all. We should begin to take a step back and look at the current CBD research and cures.

CBD Research and Cures In The News

A recent TIME magazine issue that came out about CBD’s origin plant – Marijuana (Cannabis). The article stated that outside of all the medicinal factors that it has, it’s important to note is how there’s not much research yet due to an unregulated industry. A representative of the National Institute of Health, R. Douglas Fields, said it best, “The Government’s research restrictions are so severe that it’s difficult to find and show medical benefit.” There are numerous compelling testimonials regarding its positive effects but, due to the fact that Marijuana/Cannabis is not legal on a federal level, it slows down CBD research and cures that we should be aware of from the plant.

What we know about CBD

We’ve learned that CBD helps with common ailments such as stress, anxiety, arthritis, headaches, muscle pain, insomnia, and inflammation. We also know that CBD relieves symptoms of serious challenges such as certain types of epilepsy and seizures in children. In many of these cases, THC is also incorporated. And let’s not forget how CBD helps out our furry little friends. Pets with bowel disease, anxiety, inflammation and decreased appetite have benefited from CBD products. Of course, consult your vet before administering, and be especially aware of the serving size.

It’s great that we now have a choice with CBD to combat common ailments without harming our bodies. There’s no concrete research in terms of curing major diseases such as cancer with CBD. However, there’s definitely room for scientists and researchers to explore this possibility and maximize its potential. By way of unique extraction methods or in combination with other healing plants, CBD holds many powerful health benefits yet to be discovered.

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For more information on current cannabis and CBD research, visit https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

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