How To Quit Smoking

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How to quit smoking has been a challenge for decades. People have tried different nicotine alternatives such as patches and gum. Regardless, you’re still giving your body the same thing, just a different delivery system.

The Nicotine Trap

Like for most, smoking starts on the social level. Whether at a party with friends and having drinks or with co-workers on break. Once your body feels the dopamine from the nicotine, you crave more and your tolerance increases which makes you want to smoke more – all awhile your body deteriorates from the inside out. By the time you decide that you want to quit, you could be dealing with the side effects of withdrawal. These side effects are as follows: anxiety, depression, headaches, problems concentrating, drowsiness, trouble sleeping, feeling tense, restlessness and depression.

There’s Hope Thanks to CBD

In a recent Newsweek article, they state that “people who use CBD have fewer intrusive thoughts about smoking, and therefore have a better chance of kicking the habit”. Outside of this, CBD is known to help people who deal with the majority of side effects from nicotine withdrawal, as listed above.

How To Quit Smoking

There are many ways to take CBD. For beginners we start with tinctures (drops under the tongue). Tinctures are easy because you can measure and scale up as needed. Vape may also be another way to take CBD. Vapes are convenient, on the go and work faster by way of entering into your bloodstream through your lungs. Because everyone’s body works different, give yourself time to acclimate to it. As of now there are no known extreme side effects when taking CBD. If you happen to take too much, you may get dry mouth, light headedness, drowsiness and/or diarrhea. If you are currently taking any other meds and under the supervision of a doctor, please consult with them prior to starting a CBD regimen.

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