Ibuprofen for Dogs

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As furry family members, we love our dogs unconditionally. When it comes to taking care of them while they are in pain, is Ibuprofen for dogs the answer? Before we go into what’s out there to relieve them of discomfort or pain, let’s look at what we should be aware of in terms of symptoms.

Symptoms of Pain in Dogs

Although sometimes we would wish our dogs could have a conversation with us or tell us what is wrong, they can’t. When it comes to pain, we have to look at the physical signs. Common physical signs may be the following:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Changes in eating, drinking, and sleeping habits
  • Being more vocal
  • Excessive grooming
  • Heavy panting or altered breathing
  • Mobility issues
  • Signs of agitation
  • Changes in their body and posture
  • Shaking or trembling

If you happen to witness these symptoms, take them to the vet and hopefully it’s nothing too serious.

Ibuprofen for Dogs

Once you know what the challenges are and need to give your dog something for the pain, there are options such as over the counter anti-inflammation medicine specifically for dogs. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you give your dogs pain medications such as ibuprofenaspirin or acetaminophen – please avoid them at all costs. Due to some recent news and research, CBD OIL has been known to help dogs that deal with pain, arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, appetite and much more.


Ibuprofen for Dogs CBD Botanicals

Ibuprofen for Dogs CBD Botanicals

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active ingredient in cannabis that is derived from the hemp plant. It’s known to provide medicinal benefits for humans and pets. Unlike most medications prescribed for pain, CBD is not known to have harsh side effects. The best way to administer CBD to your dog is by way of CBD tinctures. Start with a small serving size and increase gradually as needed. We always recommend that you consult with your veterinarian prior to starting a regimen.

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