Body Aches

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Body aches or physical discomfort can come from many different things. Whether it’s a change of season and your body is adjusting to it by way of a mild cold, a great workout causing you to feel the localized aching muscle effects, or something else that has been prolonged enough for you to ask yourself if you should get a check up.

Body Aches

The most common causes of body aches or physical discomfort are tension, anxiety, stress, overuse and minor injury. These types of pain are usually localized and affects certain parts of your body. Systemic muscle pain throughout the body can be the result of an infection, an illness, or a side effect of a medication.

Body & Muscle Aches That Can Be Serious

Get immediate medical care if you have muscle pain that’s accompanied by trouble breathing or dizziness. These symptoms stem from some form of infection, like tick bits (Lyme disease) or too much of a prescription medication. These symptoms are not to be taken lightly, and you should seek guidance from your primary care physician.

Self-care with CBD

When dealing with the minor challenges of body aches, self-care works. Usually, these types of pain cured by way of ice therapy, followed by pain medication if needed.

CBD (Cannabidiol) helps people dealing with non-threatening body aches or discomfort. It’s a compound that is derived from the Cannabis plant and provides medicinal benefits. It has less then 0.03% THC and does not get you high like marijuana. In fact, the THC compound helps the CBD provide the most optimal medicinal feature. The following is a list of ailments to cause body aches or physical discomfort that you can treat with CBD:

Skip the Ibuprofen

Due to the long term use, there are side effects of taking too much Ibuprofen. You can look to replace it with CBD. CBD helps with the same type of ailments i.e. body aches or physical discomfort as Ibuprofen will, but without the risk of harsh side effects. Here’s a detailed chart to help compare the difference:

Ibuprofen CBD, CBD Botanicals

Ibuprofen CBD, CBD Botanicals

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