Hemp Is Not Marijuana

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Understanding the value of hemp is often clouded because we don’t understand the differences between hemp and marijuana. This article will try to shed some light on the topic and further breakdown the differences.

Cannabis vs Hemp vs Marijuana

Too many people believe that cannabis, hemp and marijuana are all the same. They are all the same, right? Wrong! Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants. Both hemp and marijuana fall under the that category as subspecies. When cannabis is referred to as ‘hemp,’ it is in reference to the strains of the plant that are grown for industrial and non-psychoactive drug use. When cannabis is referred to as ‘marijuana,’ it is in reference to the recreational and psychoactive drug use.

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Hemp is grown specifically for the industrial use of the products it contributes to. It grows extremely quickly and thrives in a multitude of geographic areas. Hemp is cultivated for its fibrous content and tall stalks. The stalks are used as a plant source for hundreds of raw and unfinished goods. Some of the uses of hemp include clothing, food and nutritional sources. Most recently, hemp is being praised for its high levels of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is what we want to focus on here because of the significant medicinal properties the compound provides. CBD is a naturally occurring constitute of industrial hemp. It is one of at least 85 cannabinoid compounds and the second most abundant in cannabis. The suggested medicinal effects of CBD include decreasing anxiety, pain management, improving sleep, and providing other neuroprotective effects.

Cannabis Hemp Marijuana Confusion

Cannabis Hemp Marijuana Confusion

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Marijuana is grown for different uses than hemp. Specifically, it is grown for recreational and other medicinal purposes. Marijuana is a little pickier than hemp when it comes to growing conditions. It must be tended to on a regular basis so the grower can produce a flower with a higher THC level. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. It is currently listed as a schedule-1 drug with the federal government. This is the main reason the plant has been illegal for the greater part of the last century. However, individual states are starting to loosen up their regulations and legalizing it. The THC in marijuana has shown medicinal properties that assist in pain management and increased appetites. On the recreational side, users enjoy the drug because it provides a euphoric or ‘high’ feeling.

Opioid Epidemic vs CBD Pain Management

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In Closing

Hemp and marijuana belong to the same plant genus (Cannabis). While both contain one of the 483 known compounds of cannabis, only one is non-psychoactive and that’s CBD. If you, or anyone you know, struggles with pain management, anxiety, depression, or other ailments, CBD may be able to help.

I definitely will not make a medical claim but, I have tried CBD for depression/anxiety and it works wonders for me. CBD is plant based so this allows me to avoid everything big-pharma and popping pills. I would recommend asking your preferred physician if CBD is worth a shot for your ailment. I would also recommend you educate yourself on everything CBD related. There are a lot of good articles on the internet for your review. The CBD ‘movement’ is just starting and there are already amazing results from multiple sources. Please don’t feel embarrassed when inquiring about hemp or marijuana as a medicinal use. These are simply plant-based medicines that have been misunderstood.   

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