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Hemp or CBD Oil is one of the fastest growing products for consumers today. And because of this, there are Retail Buyers adding CBD to their inventory. Learn why we’re about to see more CBD in stores.

Is Hemp & CBD Oil the same

Yes, CBD (Cannabidiol) comes from Hemp. Hemp and Marijuana come from the same source called Cannabis. CBD is one of over 100 different compounds that come from Hemp. CBD Oil has at least 0.3% THC. It’s not enough to get you high, but just enough to make the CBD and it’s 100+ friends work good enough to give you the most optimal medicinal benefits. There are Non-THC CBD Oil and we sell them, but unfortunately you don’t get the most medicinal benefits out of it. THC at the low level of 0.3% actually helps CBD Oil and the rest of the compounds work best with your body’s endocannabinoid system.

Although there are low levels of THC, there is always a possibility you one could fail a drug screening. In addition to, if you are currently taking prescription medication – please consult your doctor before starting a CBD Oil regimen. Regardless, there are no known long term use harsh side effects for using CBD Oil. A side by side comparison with ibuprofen could motivate one to forgo what’s currently in their medicine cabinet for a healthier alternative.

CBD Botanicals ibuprofen vs CBD Oil

The CBD Oil Market

There is compelling data emerging to support a wide variety of potential uses that cover most health issues that affect humans. Babyboomers and older generations have been taking an interest and starting to purchase CBD in stores.

The following are amongst the most popular ways that consumers are taking CBD Oil:

  • Tinctures (under the tongue): Considered one of the easiest to track serving sizes and feeling the effects faster.
  • Lotions & Salves: For those who suffer from joint or muscle aches/pain and looking for immediate relief. CBD Oil infused topical are popular for arthritis sufferers.
  • Edibles / Gel caps: A convenient way to micro-dose a daily CBD Oil regime. Gummies have been a popular seller.
  • Raw Hemp Extract (oral syringes): This is the purest and strongest form of CBD. Those who are known to have chronic pains, prefer this method. The Hemp can be squeezed through a tube at a size close to a grain of rice onto your finger then placed under the tongue.

Retail Buyers Adding CBD

Because of the internet and the amount of online stores that sell CBD Oil, consumers are educating themselves. However, when it comes to purchasing, these same consumers are buying CBD in stores. This helps brick and mortar / retail stores because those same consumers already go to them as a trusted source for their existing products. Retail buyers adding CBD to their inventory, will keep their product lines relevant and potentially increase their bottom line.

Private Label

For companies that want to extend their “brand name” into this space, they have the opportunity to private label. Whither you decide to carry another name or your own brand of CBD Oil products, make sure you know how the Hemp is farmed, what extraction method is used and where is it independently lab tested to assure purity and safety.

CBD Botanicals for private label.
CBD Botanicals for Retailers. Know what to look for.

To learn more about how to get CBD in your stores click here: CBD Botanicals Retail

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