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CBD Helps Anxiety Arthritis Pain for Pets
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Do People Give Their Pets CBD?

Studies have shown that CBD may help offer several benefits for pets. There is no question that CBD for pets is a hot topic. In fact, there are more CBD products on the market for pets than there is educational material. The main concern is getting pets ‘high’ from consuming CBD. Cannabidiol is non-psychoactive as it contains less than 0.3% THC. THC is the compound in cannabis that promotes a ‘high’ feeling. Hemp extracts for pets are derived virtually THC-free so pet owners don’t need to worry about their cats and dogs having a toxic reaction.    

CBD For Pets – Formulated specifically for your furry friends.

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CBD Helps your Pet Relax and Reduces Anxiety

Is CBD Safe For Pets?

CBD can help your cat or dog if they struggle with anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain or other ailment. Studies show that cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pain. Cannabidiol naturally binds to receptors in their bodies that help promote homeostasis. It has also shown positive results in treatment for pet anxiety. If your pet suffers from a form of anxiety caused by loud noises or over-stimulation in public places, CBD helps them relax. It can also help regulate bowel-movements for pets suffering from IBS.     

Ibuprofen for Dogs, CBD Botanicals

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CBD Research and Cures

CBD Research and Cures

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CBD For Pets CBD Botanicals

CBD for Pets

We’ve seen countless examples of CBD positively impacting the lives of humans. From rheumatoid arthritis to insomnia, CBD is being touted as one of nature’s miracle cures. It’s beginning to appear in food, beauty, and other wellness products across the globe. Since we are now finally beginning to grasp the health benefits of hemp’s secret weapon, why wouldn’t we provide the same perks to our furry friends? CBD for pets has many benefits for our pets

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How Much CBD Should I Give My Pet?

 It’s always best to consult your preferred veterinarian before giving your pet CBD. The right way to start your pet on CBD is to start in smaller serving sizes and work your way up. There are no current reports of hemp extracts having a toxic effect on animals because the extracts have trace amounts of THC. If your pets are not showing signs of side effects (i.e. nausea, stumbling, abnormal behavior, etc.) they may have developed a tolerance. Pets have a more complex endocannabinoid system with more receptors than humans. In this case, minor increases in serving sizes may be necessary to get the desired effect. Make sure to always check the ingredients of the CBD source as well as the method of delivery. If the delivery method is a dog biscuit for example, make sure you approve of the ingredients of the dog biscuit excluding the CBD.