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Are CBD Vape Pens Safe?

CBD vape pens (vaporizers) are extremely popular with no signs of slowing down on the market. Everywhere you go these days, you’ll find someone taking a pull off their vape pen to satisfy a fixation. Vape pens are a technological breakthrough in the world of both tobacco and cannabis use. The big question is whether or not vape pens are safe.

A CBD vape pen is designed to heat oils internally until it turns into a smokeless, non-carbon filled mist. The mist contains what the user is looking for whether it’s nicotine, THC, or in this case CBD.

There are many brands flooding the CBD vape pen market. However, not every design is the same. In fact, many designs have flaws that can harm the user. In some cases, the vape pen can overheat the oil and damage the product. This is not the experience the user is looking for in terms of desired results from the product. 

CBD Vape Pen Oil

Hemp-Derived CBD

It’s important to make sure you are getting the highest quality hemp-derived CBD no matter what type of vape pen you use. Some leading brands have shown less than stellar lab testing results when it comes to the purity of their products. If a hemp-derived product is overly processed, it may be tainted with toxic solvent residues, corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors, and other contaminants.

Here are some items to consider when shopping for hemp-derived CBD. Start with ensuring the hemp itself is sourced in the U.S. Colorado and Kentucky are industry leaders in U.S. grown hemp. Companies from states that are legal in both recreational and medical use cannabis tend to have higher quality standards.

Select ‘full-spectrum’ cannabidiol-rich hemp extracts when you can. Full spectrum means it includes multiple cannabis compounds that include a small amount of THC (less than 0.3%) in keeping with the legal definition of hemp. Look for labels that clearly declare the ratio of CBD-to-THC per serving. 

Other CBD Delivery Methods

What To Look For

Definitely keep an eye out for any company selling CBD products that make iron-fisted health claims. The FDA does not (currently) support any direct health claims when it comes CBD. Do your best to find CBD-rich products with a high resin content that are certified organic or non-GMO.

When it comes to CBD vape pens, stay away from CBD hemp oil vape cartridge products with toxic thinning agents propylene glycol (PG) and ethylene glycol (PEG). Some flavor additives and other ingredients may have a negative long-term effect on the respiratory system. CBD vape pen kit and cartridge products are made with MCT oil from coconuts.

Definitely avoid being signed up with any multi-level marketing company that wants to put you on a recurring purchase plan. Due to the growing popularity of CBD, companies are forming around the pyramid-scheme business model. Also, it is best to avoid any products that are made from the seeds or stalk of the hemp plant. Traditionally, the seeds and stalk do not contain a high level of the CBD compound. 

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